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Here you can find out about my movies and books reviews

September 2005

Mean Girls, ***

    This movie was ok. This is a peak into the life of high school girls and their rivalry.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, ****

   This is an amazing Comedy and a must see movie if you love British comedies.

August 2005

March of the Penguins, (*****)

  March of Penguins is a documentary told beautifully. It has great cinematography and tells the life of Penguins. In spite of being birds penguins can't fly, but they have adapted beautifully to the harsh environment of Antarctica. Now penguins also don't build nest so the protection of their eggs is not an easy task and this documentary captures the role of both male and female penguins in raising their child.

Hostage, (***)

 Starring Bruce Wills was a cop and a skillful negotiator. Ok movie.

40 yr old Virgin,(*****)

  This one is hilarious. The title actually reveals what it is all about. If you like good laughs. Don't miss it.

Lucky, (Hindi,***)

  Starring Salman Khan, this movie is shot in Russia. But not much of Russia is to be seen, on the other hand the Russia is portrayed more as a nation under seize by militants.

Paheli, (Hindi,****)

  Paheli is a nice picturesque movie. Its a story of a ghost in love with a married woman. If you skip the songs. Its good.

July 2005

Bunty Aur Babli, (**)

  The only reason I watched this because of the hype. Well it has nothing inspiring. Just another average movie.

June 2005

The Sawshank Redemption(*****)

  Some movies set the bar so high that after watching it you ask yourself why other people are making such mediocre movies. The Sawshank redemption is one such movie. Thumbs up !

Chaltey chaltey(Hindi, ***)

Lakeer(Hindi, **)

  Its hopeless movie about bhai's and thier enimity. It sucks.

Kuch na kaho (Hindi,**)


Assault on the Precinct 13 (***)

  Good action movie.

xXx: State of the Union (***)

  Starts out pretty good with all those mechanical contraption and stuff.

The Pacifist(***)

  Comedy, even though you know what is going to be the ending. Just funny.


   Comedy and passable.

Raising Victor Vargeese (****)

   Well it was surprise. I had other thoughts when I rented it. But its definitely worth watching.

About a boy (****)

   Awesome. I saw a part of it on HBO but when I accidently rented it. I didn't regret. Its really good story telling and really good movie.

Bewafaa (**)


House of the flying Draggers (*****)

  Well I can't get enough of Chinese Action movies. Though not much story it has some great music and of course the fighting scenes are hot.

Suicide Club (Japanese, ****)

Hotel Rawanda (*****)

  Its great movie and I loved it because instead of showing the grizly genocide scenes it focuses on the story.

Aviator (English, ****)

  Based on a true story it starts Leonardo the Caprio.  A pretty good movie.

Himalaya (Nepalese, *****)

   Other than the beautiful scenery captured by Kai Pan's camera. It also has a story of Karma.

Eternal Sunshine of Spotless Mind (*****)

Hi fi (****)

Kill Bill 2 (****)

  Beautiful sequel to the first one. Watch Kill Bill 1 first if you haven't seen that.

Kill Bill 1 (****)

   The first time I watched Kill Bill I didn't like it may be because I watched it in bits and pieces. But the second time I watched both the episodes one after another and now I feel its awesome.

Phantom of Opera (****)

Napoleon Dynamite (*****)

  This is the movie which started the phenomena of being Dorky is cool. 100 percent funny.

Necrophilia (German, ***)

  Well I saw this courtesy Mitsu.

Tai Chi masters (***)

  I liked it. The fighting scenes are really good.

The Untold Story (***)

  The Untold Story crosses the limit of what could be called watch able. I should warn you if you have a weak stomach don't watch it. The end scenes are just too gory.

Kuch Kuch hota hai (**)

May 2005

Why Mosquito Buzz in People's Ear (African Stories,*****)

Waking life(Animation,****) 

The twilight samurai (Japanese, *****)
 Love letter (Japanese, *****)
 After life (Japanese,*****)
 Not a one less (Chinese,*****)
 King of masks (Chinese,*****)
 Waqt (Hindi ,**)
 The road home (Chinese, *****)
 Suzhou river (Chinese, *****)
 Black (Hindi, ****)
 Jurm (Hindi, *)
 Star Wars III (English, ******)
 Harold and Kumar (English, ***)
 Better Tommorow(Chinese, ***)
 Hyperspace(English, *****)
 Lewis and Clark (English,*****)
 Beauty and the Beast (English, ****)

January 2005

Hero, *****

Spanglish, *****

Wings of Honeamise, ****

Tauba Tauba, *

Dhoom, ***

Hum Tum, ****

  This is good comedy.

Girlfriend, *

   Eeks !!

Julie, ****

  Thank god it has got a different ending.

Mujhsey Shadi karogi, ****

  Loved this movie.

Shukriya, ***

Kyon ho gaya na, ***


Lakshaye, **

Murder, ***

Dobara, **

Dil ne jisey apna kaha, **

Phir Milenge,**

Mein hoon na, ***

Kal ho na ho, ***


Veer Zaara, ****

Hum Kaun hain, **

Musafir, ***

Asambhav, ***


Dil Mangey More, ***

Gayab, *

Rakth, ***

Border Hindustan ka, **

   This is a mix of everything.

December 2004

Dev, Hindi Movie, ***

  The film tries to take up the issue of communal conflict between Hindus and Muslims perpetuated by corrupt Politicians, Police officers and the common helpless man. Dev Prakash Singh (Amitabh Bachhan) is an honest police officer and has friends like Raj Khosla (Amrish Puri) is a muslim hater and so the director (Govind Nehlani of Tamas fame) tries to show the politics behind the riots. Don't we know this ?

Kal ho na ho, Hindi Movie, ***

  I could see why this movie has become one of the greatest hits in Bollywood. Movie is simple, a fun loving guy who is nearing his death helping everyone smile, the lonely lass starts liking the guy and the other guy now makes it a love triangle. So hackneyed and predictable and those trite dialogs and melodramatic phrases. So no originality in script. Film is shot in New York. Hindi movies are getting better cinematography but boys improve on the story too. Give something different. However i cannot complain when the whole "Janta" is happy. Gives you an idea to make the kind of movie to make money ;)

Around the world in 80 days, ****

  If lord kelvin were alive he would be the first one to issue fatwa against this. He is depicted as a selfish, nincompoop. This movie is funny. I always enjoy the mechanical contraptions and this movie has quite a few of them. Sit tight and have fun. I love Jackie Chan movies.

The Incredibles, Pixar, ****

  The Incredibles is worth its hype. I enjoyed every bit of this movie. This is really good. Finally Hollywood is catching up with Japanese animation and maturity.

Warm Water under a red bridge, Japanese Movie, *****

   Not everyday you come across something which makes you think and take notice. Warm water is one such movie which will definitely surprise you. Its comic, funny and a bit unsettling when you watch it for the first time. Its a simple story of a guy who is laid off and searching for a job, circumstances land him to a house far away from Tokyo to a house in search of treasure. There he meets this girl who gushes like a fountain when she has an orgasm and hence the title Warm water. Definitely engrossing and entertaining. This is a film by Shoei Imamura starring Koji Yakusho and Misa Shimizu.

Polar Express, ****

  If you want to witness the latest in computer graphics and how realistic the anime characters can look then you must see this movie. The story is on Christmas and how a child finally gets into the Christmas spirit. Its about believing in the Christmas spirit.

I Robot, ****

  Again this Sci fi based on Isac Asimov novel is fast paced and gripping. The theme is the same Robert surpassing human some day and start thinking for their own. The movie revolves around a scientist getting murdered and the cop "Will Smith" who is skeptic of the Robots ever growing  integration into the society. I liked it, the computer effects are good and movie holds well.

National Treasure, *****

  Another heist movie. This one is slick and keeps you on your toes. The plots keep changing and you wonder what next is going to happen.

Liu Liu- The sent down Woman, Chinese Movie, *****

This is too sad movie. I rented this to see the glimpse of Tibet. The movie is about Chinese cultural revolution when millions of young people were sent to remote corner of the country so that country could be integrated further. This girl wants to go back to her home but she is helpless. Her parents are poor and don't have connections to save her from being thrust into this movement. She tries in vain to appease everyone who could help her go back home and ultimately she asks the person (a father figure) to kill herself. The visuals are of stunning landscape. The girl is so pretty and the end is too sad. I don't like sad movies and that is why i am giving it a rating of 4

East Palace West Palace, Chinese Movie, ****

"Dong Gong Xi Gong" whose English subtitle is "East Palace, West Palace". A movie on a homosexual man caught by the police in park and his story and various encounter. Can't say much though i did watched it from start to end in one sitting.

Lawrence of Arabia, ****

 This is indeed a master piece in terms of spectacular scenery. Its a long long movie about an English agent Lawrence. The film happened to won 7 Oscars in 1962.

Life on a String, Chinese Movie*****

 Life on a String is a rare movie. I liked it.

Spider Man, ****

  Spider man II doesn't disappoint you.

November 2004

Zaitochi, Japanese Martial art, ****

  The blind masseur who wields his sword like nobody does. Set up in a quaint village. The story of revenge, honor and titillating display of swordmanship. Sounds interesting. Go ahead and watch it.

Indiana Jones, ****

Gods must be Crazy, ****

  This is an old movie. Set up in some place devoid of outside world contact and how the live happy tribe of bushman gets affected when a glass bottle enters in their life.

October 2004

September 2004

August 2004

The Castle of Caligastro, Japanese Anime, *****

   If you love tin tin then you will definitely love this movie. The Lupin Character of this movie is very much like tin tin. This is one awesome anime manga movie and i give it 5 stars.

The Blue Kite, Chinese Movie, *****

What time is it there, Chinese Movie, *****

In the mood for love, Chinese Movie, Wong kar-wai. *****

 This is one exceptional movie with some great music. The original name of the movie is Hua Yang Nian Hua. The movie is about a man and a woman. They are both married and unhappy with their spouses. They get close to each other when they discover the similarities in their life. The movie is set in 60s has a gentle pace and engrossing with a delightful music. The DVD comes with a companion DVD and a booklet. Definitely a collectors item.

Grave of the fire flies, Japanese Animation, Isao Takahata, *****

  Its hard for me to draw any parallel to this melancholy movie. Its effect is profound. Its a war time movie about two children Seita and Satsuko. Their ordeal in the second world war and how the two children tried to survive in penury after they are bereaved.  Ultimately the two die of malnutrition. The film will make you cry. Its an extraordinary film and if you are not into anime will definitely change your perception. Don't wait just grab it and witness for yourself this remarkable film.

Beautiful Mind, *****

 Most people will tell you that Schizophrenia is a split personality disease but what exactly is the disease and what the trouble people with Schizophrenia faces. This movie is awesome. Its about this Princeton Mathematics Professor, John Nash. Nash is the recipient of Noble Prize for his theory in Mathematics. In the beginning he is ambitious and arrogant. He has delusions about a room mate that he never had. He has delusions about working on a top secret mission. Ultimately how he copes up with his disease is exemplary. Because for Schizophrenics there is a no division between reality and delusion.

Chinese Ghost Story, Chinese Movie, ****

 The fantasy movie stars Leslie Cheung and beautiful Joey Wang. I love fantasy movies and so this one deserves my vote.

Farewell my Concubine, Chinese Movie, *****

 I loved this movie because of excellent screen play and the story. It is about two Chinese opera artist who perform the opera "Farewell my concubine". Its about their relationship when one gets married to a woman he loves. Must watch movie.

July 2004

 RunAway Train, Andrei Konchalovsky, *****
 I happenned to see this movie on HBO. This is a classic movie about two fugitives who don't trust each other and ultimately one of them sacrifices. The movie is intense, gripping. The shots are excellent.

June 2004

My friend Totaro, Japanese Anime, Miyazaki, ****

Sindabad and the legend of the seven seas, ****


Man's search for ultimate meaning, Viktor Frankl, ****

May 2004

Kiki's Delivery Service, Japanese Anime, Miyazaki, *****

Masti, Hindi Movie, ***

Princess Mononoke, Japanese Anime, Miyazaki, ****

Scary Movie 3, ***

Sign, Mel Gibson, ***

Hulk, ***


First thing First, Steven Covey, *****

Life of Pi, Yann Martel, *****

Narcissius and GoldMund, Herman Hesse, *****

Are We Spiritual Machines, Ray, Kurzweil, *****

The Age of Spritual Machines, Ray Kurzweil, *****

April 2004

House of Sand and Fog, Jennifer Connely, Ben Kingsley, **

  One of the few movies where you end up sympathizing for none. Its about two people who are fighting over the custody of a house. The one Jennifer Connely is too indolent to make a decision to pay her bills and the other Ben Kingsley is a peson too selfish to see the needs of the poor Connley.

Frequency, *****

Legend of 1900, *****

 Great Music, Story about a person who lives and dies on his ship

Castle in the Sky, Japanese Anime, Miyazaki, *****

Metropoliton, Japanese Anime, ***

Janasheen, Hindi Movie, **

Matchstick Men, ****

Kill Bill, ***

Jeepers Creepers 2, Meant to be Scary but ends up as Hilarious, ***

Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Meant to be Scary but ends up as Hilarious, ***

March 2004

School of Rock*****

Lost in Transition, **

 Its not funny at all as the DVD and the promotions claims it to be.

Memento, *****

Sea Buiscuit, ***

February 2004

The last Samurai, ***

 The only reason i will watch it second time is to see Koyuki. She looks stunning as Taka. The movie is about honour and how the ill equipped samurai lost to americans with a stupid puppet king. Katsumoto is a samurai and the Tom Cruise sides with him after he discovers about the samurai tradition. He dies pathetically. There are shades of ingenious of Brave hearts which might ellicit the audience. But Braveheart was an exceptional movie and Mel Gibson potrayed Willam wallace wonderfully. Unfortunately there is nothing of that sort in Last Samurai.

Brother Bear, ****

 This anime movie was great. Its about two brothers and two bears. One brother dies after an encounter with a bear. His brother is now seeking revenge, however his brother is reincarnated as the brother of the bear. Its a story from both human and animal perspective and I loved it.

January 2004

Big Fish, ****

  I loved this movie. Its about a boy who is skeptical of his father's claims. The movie is a part fantasy and part comedy.

Pianist, *****

  Awesome. This one word sums it up. Unlike most of the war movies which ends on a somber note. This gives hope. Its exceptional. The background music is great. If this has won so many Oscars its because it deserves all those Oscars.

Finding Nemo, *****

  Wonderful. Finding Nemo is a great movie. I loved every bit of that movie. Its funny.

December 2003

Gangs of New York, *****

  Enough violence to churn your stomach. But this is simply superb. Few movies allow you a feeling of having watched something great and Gangs of New York is definitely in that category !

Lord of the Rings I, *****

Lord of the Rings II, *****

Lord of the Rings III, *****

November 2003

Matrix II, *****

Matrix III, *****

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