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Check my new website for people visiting India. Here I give you tips about travelling in India, basically what you should see when the time is the constraint. I will try to list my own experience so you could better appreciate.

Look at Qutub Minar. New Delhi's most photographed Historical tower. It stands at 235 feet and has a history of 1000 yrs!!

Qutub Minar, Height 235 Feet, New Delhi, Sep 2001

Visiting India is like Visiting several countries with single passport. That is one reason why India attracts so many visitors. India is changing fast, very fast. So if someone has the only impression from reading books about India might realize that it is a lot different. India is Vegetarian's Paradise. The kind delicious food and sweets you can savour is just mesmerizing. It is a country where you can find ocean, snow, rain forest all in one country. People of all races and now their intermingling has produced a truly distinct Indian Identity.
New Delhi
Delhi is a happenning city. There are numerous art galleries, museums, histroric building resturants and fairs that one can always find time to indulge oneself.Unlike New Delhi is reflection of what India is. Here you can find people of all religion, all states and nationalities. New Delhi was made capital city of India in 1911.
If you happen to visit New Delhi here is a brief guide
Delhi caters to all types of travellers

Places to visit
1. Lotus Temple (Must Visit)
2. Qutub Minar
3. Lal Quila
4. Jama Masjid
5. Humayun's Tomb
6. Chattar Pur Mandir
7. Nehru Planetarium
8. Rag Ghat, Shantivan (I see them more as park)
9. India Gate
10. Gandhi Darshan
11. ISKCON (International Society of Krishna Consiousness)temple
12. Jantar Mantar
13. Purana Quila
14. National Museum
15. Lalit kala Academy (various galleries at Tansen Marg)

1. South Extension
2. Ansal's Plaza
3. Chandni Chowk, Sadar Bazar (Walled City)
4 Cannaught Place
5. Dilli Haat (To buy antiques and savour the flavours of various
6. Tibetian Monastery at ISBT and Majnu ka Tilla (Tibetian Handicraft)
7. Kamla Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Sarojni Nagar (for daily items and
8. Santusti
9. Hauz Khas
10.Nehru Place

1. Priya
2. Pvr
3. Chanakya

Parks and Lakes
1. Badkal Lake (25 km)
2. Tilyar Lake (70 km)
3. Dumdama Lake(40 Km)
4. Lodhi Garden
5. Mughal Garden (opens only in february and march)
6. Buddha Garden

Hotels and Lodging
New Delhi has many five stars, star hotels and lodges.

Besides that Delhi hoasts annual fair at its sprawling halls at Pragati Maidan from (14th November to 27th November) when you can visit the pavillions of all the states of India and get a glimpse of the life style, culture, cuisine and places to visit.I have compiled this list so that your trip to Delhi will be a
pleasant one, it is no way exhaustive but it does cover the places which will make you appreciate New Delhi. If you know english you will not have any problem in Delhi, but be aware there are numerous touts and unscrupulous elements wanting to take you for a ride.
Public transport (buses) are unusually overcrowded so you may prefer autorikshaws or taxi. Besides that if you intend to visit Taj Mahal or to explore the himalyan region you will have to come to Delhi first. Best time to visit Delhi is from october to march. New Delhi has connectivity to all major places of India and the world however do not get impatient if you find it takes you long to get pass the
immigration and other things. When you visit India don't expect too much of courtsey or prompt service its sad thing but if you get this in your head it saves you many headaches.

Himachal Pradesh
   Because of its proximity to New Delhi. Himachal is well connected. It is also perhaps endowed with a great Natural beauty. If you are a fan of himalayas like me. This is perhaps the best starting point. One of my favorite web site of Himachal tourism is
  Himachal also boasts a good tourism infrastructure. It has everything from a amatuer hiker to serious explorer.
 Lahaul Spiti to Leh can be one expedition which I would like to repeat again. That one trip left such a deep impression on me it was one of the most fulfilling trip and to date nothing has come closed to the sheer excitement and adventure I had during that trip. Its a land where your sense of dimension will be challenged. Its a dream to travell there and I am eager to repeat that trip whenever I can find time.
Uttaranchal Pradesh
        State of Uttaranchal has a capital Nainital. It is a small city but very beautiful. Boating in Nainital There are so many lakes surrounding the city that it should be called city of lakes. I loved Naukuchiyatal lake its nestled in a quite corner. There is lot more one can do in Uttaranchal. One can goto Pindari glacier and to Pitthoragarh. Uttranchal is beautiful.  One of the best place you can go is Hemkunt Sahib. The 20 km track is the best pilgrimage you can have. When one goes to Hemkunt Sahib then one should also goto Valley of flowers !!
Uttar Pradesh
         Mention the name Punjab and Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar comes to mind. But Punjab has much more to showcase. It has the world famous Bhakra Nangal Dam. Which is a mighty dam To walk across the dam was one of my dream which I did accomplish. Its huge and a must visit. Punjab also has many wonderful Gurudwaras. Golden Temple is a huge draw, unfortunately I still haven't visited. But I have visited Kiratpur Gurudwara and its magnificient.
  Chandigarh should be called the garden city of india. Its the cleanest and very well designed city.
Jammu and Kashmir
          Because of militancy Kashmir is not very accessible to people. However check out this website to know what you are missing. Its sad that people couldn't visit this place because of militancy.
    Even though Ladakh is in Kashmir but it is not affected by militancy because of peace loving Buddhist people and if you want to see nature in its supreme beauty. Ladhakh will not dissappoint you. The monasteries of Lamayru, Alchi and Leh are simply awesome. The terrain is such that no matter how many film rolls or flash memories you have. You are certainly going to exhaust them all. This is a land which is also called little Tibet. The land where the average altitude is 3,500 meters and boast lakes like Tsumoriri and pass like Khardungla (the second highest pass in the world). Best time is to visit between late May to Early September. However if you have a more adventurous spirit then go for Chadur Trip. This is in Zhanskar Valley and could leave an impression of a life time.
           Rajasthan is perhaps in everybody's mind whosoever comes to India. Beyond doubt this state of Huge Palaces, Desert and colorful dress transports one to a land where everything is beautiful.
The north eastern states
  Besides Himachal and Kashmir in Nothern India.
   I have some great Manipuri friends. Its pity that I still haven't been to this beautiful place. But Loktak lake is firmly in my mind and the next trip to India will definitely include that.
Arunachal Pradesh
   I have been fortunate to visit Sikkim and this is indeed one great place. The predominantly Buddhist culture of this state makes it a very friendly and safe place.
The places one must include in one's trip to Sikkim are
Nathula Pass,
Baba Mandir,
Chango lake
Gangtok City
and Darjeling (West Bengal)

West Bengal
     Who hasn't tasted Bengali Sweets is not aware what God has created for us to savour. Bengali Sweets like Rosogulla and Sandesh are so delicious. That even when I was a 1 year infant I had learnt to mouth "Gulla khana hai" (I want Rosogulla). Kolkata was once the capital city of India. I have always enjoyed travelling in kolkata. People are great and you can always have a great conversation everywhere. It was one of the first city to boast Metro. Best time to visit is during Durga Puja. Darjeling is one of the most romantic hill station in India. The train journey from Jalpaiguri to Darjeling is one of the most memorable train trip you can take, besides the Chandigarh Shimla trip.