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My Address In India

79, The Mall Apartments Mall Road Delhi 110054 INDIA


To continue learning new things and help the organization reach new heights with my elegant solutions and expertise.


I worked for STMicroelectronics in India. Its one of the best company to work for. The environment, the people and everything was great. I had to leave it to pursue my other goals in life.
 During my stay with ST I worked on Developed of a Widget Tool Kit for GUI (Written in C) and we used this as a basis for the user interface for thier DVD chips and it served well and made it to their vendors. It was developed to show the capability of ST Omega series of chips so that customers could assess the ST's leadership in this field. I also got the opportunity to write games like Tictactoe and Tetris, Interfaces like CD player, Mp3 browser etc. It was fun !
Later I Worked on VCD Navigation and driver part where i learned about the various CD standards, decoding of information from CD, SVCD and MP3 streams.

Then I did a small project on MHP (Multimedia Home Platform) where I ported graphic library for MHP.
After that i was back in support of DVD player before moving to Satellite business unit. Here I was involved with STs flagship Demodulator 299, 399, 499. This whet my apetite to learn more about signal processing and mathematics and I decided to move to US.

  I have excellent communication skills and ability to explain difficult concept in easy manner.